Monday, May 12, 2014

With Love From Veneza- Venice. Italy

Pieced together by 118 tiny islands separated by canals and carefully pieced together by bridges the iconic Italian 'Floating city' is said to be slowly but surely sinking, so a must do before I die, but more importantly before I leave Europe was to see the World Heritage Listed city of Venice. (Not that I needed an excuse for another opportunity to delve into the delights of such an extraordinary country like Italy) Having a couple of days to spare we decided to do what we seem to do best, pack our bags and escape.

Arriving into the city from the airport by boat was like living in a surreal movie, as we approached land being greeted by rows of carefully crafted gondolas and soft gothic styled buildings. The warm vibrant feel in the air put an immediate smile on our faces. Finally I was back in Italy a country I fell deeply in love with throughout our summer travelling Europe. 

Unlike the likes of Florence and Rome there wasn't anything in particular we felt we needed to see whilst we where in Venice. We were more happy to focus all of our time on becoming ever so lost amongst the tiny little lane way streets and canals in an attempt to find as many delicious places to feast. Our soon regular hot spot was Alfredo's- Fresh Pasta To Go a tiny family run pasta shop where you order traditional homemade pasta sauces to go with your preference of homemade pasta, which as the name suggests is served up to go in a takeaway wok box.

Despite many people warning us that Venice was rather dirty, I found it to be nothing put picture perfect. With every turn there was something new to marvel at. As gondolas floated pass serenading there passengers, making there way through carefully crafted bridges and passing by timeless buildings whilst I sat around in the sunshine eating gelati was bellissimo.  

Venice was one of the cities I have visited that was exactly how I had imagined it to be. Beautiful in every way possible it left us with romantic flutters as we watched the sunset over one of the most graceful cities I have seen, leaving it behind by boat was the perfect ending to our short time away. Arrivederci Italia. 

The Wanderer's Daughter xx

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