Monday, May 5, 2014

I Come From The Land Down Under- Manchester, England

While Christmas for most families is one of the most important times of year for the Parkers, Australia Day is that one special time when all their friends and family come together for an annual party filled with many great traditions. This was to be James' first ever Australia day away from home, which for him was going to be much harder then spending any Christmas, birthday or New Years abroad. 

After a grand debate with management they decided to stick it to us and make all the Aussie's work throughout the day. Although all the other near by Walkabouts Australian staff were given the day off to celebrate, cheers for that one *insert sarcasm here*. Not going to get a little bad English blood get in our way we all came together for a ripper day. It was shorts, thongs, flag capes and wife beaters all the way. As we encouraged irresponsible drinking and beer bong competitions it wasn't long before we were told to just get on the other side of the bar. But not without a strict warning that we were to all go easy and not get out of control, which our immediate reaction was "Where bloody Australian, what do you think is going to happen mate?"

After live streaming Triple J's hottest 100, one of Australia's greatest Aus Day traditions. It was our mate John Farnham that took over, as we continuously screamed the lyrics to "Your the Voice" until we could barley speak at all. Running around like headless chooks diving on each other, doing straight arm sculls, ripping off jocks with ultimate wedgies and jumping from table to table dancing away. There definitely was no 'taking it easy,' but lets be honest they were asking for it. As we smashed glasses and had pile ons whilst getting involved with drinking off the floor competitions we were beyond the next level. We were straight out as Australian as they come! 

Faced with slight challenges our Australia Day was epic all the same. Although there was no sunshine and no Parkers Aussie thong throwing competition. We still did our best at keeping the Australian Spirit alive and burning within Manchester. What an excellent day to celebrate the most out standing country of all, Australia. No matter where I have been or where I will go, I'll still call Australia home. 

Happy Australia Day 

P.s A special thanks to Alex Rancic for his video footage of the night. Without you I would have never been able to piece anything together from the day. Although then again somethings are better left forgotten.

The Wanderer's Daughter xx

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