Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Way Of St.James-Spain

 Have you ever found your self day dreaming, imagining what your life would be like if you packed up your bags and took to the road for an endless life of travel. Im talking about giving it all up and leaving it all behind with little more then good intentions and the clothes on your back. I know what your all thinking, isn't this what you have spent the last year of your life doing? Well not exactly. In the end anyone can jet, rail and drive there way travelling around Europe, but its not everyday you take the plunge and walk your way through a country. After exploring the depth of so many different countries I still yearned for something more. Which is why along with James and our good friend and housemate Burra (Jake) we decided our plan of action for the summer would be to walk The Camino De Santiago. 

The Way of St. James (The Camino De Santiago) is the name of the many pilgrimage routes that all lead to the great cathedral in Santiago de Compostela where it is believed that the remains of St. James were put to rest. In medieval times it was the most important  Christian pilgrimage, a popular route for many monks who would leave there homes and make there way to Santiago de Compostela. In todays day and age the routes are travelled by many modern-day pilgrims from around the world. 

Where does a Pilgrim begin there quest to Santiago?
There are many starting points all over Europe where you can begin your journey. We were told there is no right or wrong way, as all paths will lead you on the right track to where it is you should be at that moment in time. A popular starting point for most Pilgrims is in the Basque region of France just above the boarder of Spain. After extensive research and number crunching we decided the best place for us all to start our lives as the three walking Pilgrims was from Pamplona in Spain, another popular starting point amoungst the Pilgrims. Pamplona to Santiago de Compostela is approximately a 700km walk which broken down into days is a 30-40 day hike. 

So we weren't exactly looking at a stroll in the park, as a matter of fact I wasn't exactly sure what we were looking at. After extensive months of indulging in far to much food and drink, living what I like to call 'an alternative life style' as a posed to what others might call 'reckless and borderline alcoholic living' I was more then concerned at where this new road might take us. So for me this next big adventure was to be handled in only one matter. Hold your breath, take a jump in the deep end, paddle like you have never paddled before, try not to drown and in the end if all else fails remember to float. 

Show me the way,

The Wanderer's Daughter xx 

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