Saturday, September 6, 2014

Make A Wish- Manchester, England

It seemed like the time had come around so quickly but it was once again my birthday. Last year I spent my special day skiing on an ice glacier in Austria with some of the greatest girls I had met on my travels through Europe last summer. This year I was lucky enough to be spending it in two of my favourite places. Peniche, Portugal and Manchester, England.
After a massive day of travel we were finally back into the heart of Manchester where we were astonished to be greeted by warm air and sunshine, something we were yet to experience in our time spent in this city. To be honest I really couldn't have cared if it was my birthday or not. What I really was overly excited for was for the Walkabout family to finally be back together under one roof, sadly just short of Amber, Grace and Alex. None the less it was time to make up for lost time which featured countless bottles of sparkling and endless Sambuca shots.
Starting at Paul's bar the Grapes we then bar hopped through the Northern Quarter, my favourite part of Manchester. Mark had all the good hook ups being the manager of a great little bar in the Northern Quarter himself, Tibb St Tavern. We found ourselves getting a little to Sassy in one of Manchester's newest underground bars 'Guilty By Association' which forced us to dance the night away in one of the many tiki bars 'Hula".
For me the best part of the evening was when we headed for home at the end of the night, it was just like old times. Stopping off at our local Donner Kebab store, Topkapi where the owners greeted both James and I with great excitement "Your Back", they exclaimed whilst handing me my usual drunken order of cheese chips drowned in a litre of sauce. Heading back up to the flat for our traditional end of night antics were we will sit in a an abundance of smoke, talking absolute non sense over more drinks until we are all rolling around on the floor, at first usually in hysterics about a reencounter of something that happened earlier that evening and then eventually it's because where all to legless to actually even consider being able to stand up and walk once more.
It was another birthday spent abroad yet I found myself still very much amongst family. Manchester, it's good to be back.

The Wanderer's Daughter xx 

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