Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Once Upon A Time- Tours/Amboise, France

Once upon a time in a land far far away deep in the countryside of the Loire Valley in France was a little village Tours. A village where the cobble stoned streets were lined with picturesque medieval little wooden huts and the wide stretched lands were filled with countless dazzling chateaux. It was a place fit for the finest Prince and Princess and was once home to the royal family of France. One day a young Australian Princess and her dashing beast… I mean Prince set voyage into this mystical land where they embarked on a royal fairytale adventure. 

Upon arrival the Princess was swept of her feet by the pure beauty of the small town she had just arrived to. The Prince took the Princess over the river to where the old royal kingdom still stood. She fell in love with the castle and begged the Prince to have one of her own, he romantically replied 'Buy one yourself'. The Princess loved how her Prince had such a way with words.

Not far from Tours was another far far away Kingdom, Amboise. Travelling by train and carriage the Prince and Princess headed out for the day to explore the land of chateaux's. The town was yet another beauty. Housing an extravagant market filled with the loveliest of foods from all over the world and the freshest produce and seafood. As the Princess danced her way around exploring the many different delights of each stall her Prince charming couldn't help but join in the prance. Amboise's main attraction is its extravagant chateaux where the Princess and Prince spent many hours exploring the grand complex and its flawless garden. The gardens where extremely special because it housed the grave to the extraordinary Leonardo Di Vinci. Intrigued by this the Prince and Princess then decided the remainder of their day would best be spent visiting Leonard Di Vinci's homestead which was just a short walk down from the grand palace. The Princess gasped in delight as she found it bewildering to be walking the halls of such a historical figure. The Prince found Leonardos inventions to be the most interesting part of it all. As the couple walked through the beautiful gardens where each invention lay with voice over's going into careful detail about Di Vinci's insight to creating each piece. The Princess had more fun playing with each invention while the Prince took special care and interest in every word and detail, especially when it came to Leonardo's first model of 'the flying machine'. 

The Princess quickly became exhausted after such an adventurous day. The Prince knew the only way to his Princess heart was with food. Before she knew it the Prince had set out a perfect French picnic on the lawn of Leonardo Di Vinci's garden. Fresh baguettes, French cheese, ham, pastries and most importantly French wine.The Princess was beyond delighted as they both soaked in and enjoyed every element of there beautiful lush surroundings. 

Come dawn this would be the very last time in a very long time that the Australian Princess and her Prince would be residing in France. They both loved the country very much and found it hard to say goodbye to such a beautiful part of it, The Loire Valley. The Princess was extremely saddened to leave, luckily the Prince reassured her that he would bring her back to this fine country again. Although the Prince had not promised the Princess a chateaux of her own she still loved him very much non of the less.

And they all lived happily ever after. 

The Wanderer's Daughter xx

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