Tuesday, October 22, 2013

One Night Stand- Nice, France

As James threw me into the bus kicking and screaming, I was most definitely not ready to say goodbye to Italy. It wasn't until we had reached the glistening French Rivera that my attitude had a quick turn around. How could I forget my love for France. As we made our way past the dazzling country of Monaco in all its glory we slowly made our way along the coast into the city of Nice. After being in Italy for so long the change around me was almost a culture shock. The streets were orderly, everything made sense, the buildings were uniformed and placed out in neat rows. It was shiney, clean and made me feel instantly safe and at ease yet also somewhat inferior. Its glitz and glam ran through me like a drug. It made me want to throw and burn my pack full of clothes then grab my credit card and buy two of everything. Which is why is was probably lucky that we had chosen Nice to be our one night love affair. 

After the hectic endless site seeing in Italy it was nice and refreshing to come into a city where you didn't feel pressured to have to see and do certain things. This gave us plenty of time to stroll carelessly along the long pebble beach where we enjoyed the sunset over the city. We spent the first half of the night aimlessly walking in no particular direction exploring the different streets and finding ourselves in different squares. It was fun just to get lost amongst the beauty of it all. 

Meeting up with three Melbourne girls we befriended throughout our time in Cinque Terre (Jess, Elle and Scarlet) was where our night truly began. We headed out for the night to the only typical place you would along The French Rivera…an Irish Pub of course! Not exactly French but it was the perfect place to start the night, no frills just ridiculous amongst of tequila and drunken antics. Somehow we ended up in some funky little bar who had an amazing live band with a edgy reggae vibe that played tunes that made you want to just scream and shout and jump around to the lyrics. In that moment everybody was at the next level as the music radiated through us all, or maybe that was just the tequila.

You wouldn't say our one night stand in Nice was the most authentic French Rivera experience. Although we didn't sit by the boulevard sipping the finest champagne and dining in some of the most exquisite restaurants. To me there was no better way to spend our time along Frances flashiest coast line. There were no regrets as we headed off early the next morning, just pure excitement as I already began to count down the days until we would be reliving our crazy antics when we reunite with the girls once again.
Bring on Barcelona.

The Wanderer's Daughter xx

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