Monday, July 8, 2013

A Forever Young Wild Beauty- Wildschonau Valley, Austria

Its my birthday weekend and what better way to celebrate coming of age then with my closest Euro girl pals in the Austrian Alps. Nestled in a small Village in the Wildschonau Valley, meaning Wild Beauty, was the perfect little location to celebrate. I love everything about Austria, the friendly people, the forever rolling green hills, the stunning mountain sides and the lush foliage of its pine woods. Looking out into the Valley it was if I was staring at a painted backdrop, the landscape was beyond surreal. 

Our home for the weekend was at Aspley Ski Lodge, run by an English man Jim who is an ex BusAbout Guide. The lodge was just a short walk away from a lovely gondola ride up the mountain. Where we spent our leisure time in traditional pubs eating and drinking our lives away surrounded by some of the most breath taking views. 

Not far out of the Village is a glacier mountain area where it snows 365 days a year producing the perfect skiing location even in the summer time. What better way to spend a birthday then playing all day long in the snow. I have never been to the snow let alone skied, so waking up I didn't feel as if I had just reached the milestone of 21 where I had become a mature women instead I felt like an over active excited little child. 

It was the oddest experience traveling through the sunny valley and all of a sudden looking up and being surrounded completely by snowy mountain tops. Gearing up I squealed in delight the entire gondola ride to the very top of the mountain. SNOW! white, cold, wet snow all around for miles and miles all I can see is snow. It was at this point that I realised I love the snow. As for the skiing side of things now that was a hate love relationship. I fell, crashed, wiped-out and face planted my way around the slopes. There was a lot of screaming, a few tears and a whole lot of laughing involved throughout the entire day. When we got sick of eating snow we kicked off the skis and ran around the course diving into huge snowy piles where we made snow angles and baby snow men. By the end of the day I had finally nailed it, as I almost elegantly cruised down the slopes it was one of my most happiest moments. It was my birthday and I was skiing on real snow in the Austrian Alps. Never in a million years would I have ever imagined that is how I would be spending my 21st birthday.

 Exhausted we hopped on a gondola and headed back for the base of the mountain. As we drifted 2000 meters in the air James surprised me by popping mini champions in celebration. As we drank in the mountain tops it was the absolute perfect way to end our day. Everybody has been asking me what James had gotten me for my birthday? Well he's already given me his heart and has given me the world so what more could I possibly ask for. 

Back down in the Valley the party was just getting starting, getting spoilt with loads of hugs, kisses and gifts. We all went out for a lovely dinner of burgers at one of the only restaurants the tiny village has to offer at the bottom of the mountain. The party continued on back at the lodge where Jim did a great job in surprising me with streamers, balloons and lights for my very own party. Offering an array of different Austrian flavoured schnapps, including Jims very own home brewed slow-berry schnapps to get the party started. 

To end the night I was surprised once again this time with a great chocolate cake. As everyone sung "Happy Birthday" it was time to blow out the candles and make a wish. But what did I have left to wish for? I was living my dreams on the other side of the world in a magnificent country surrounded by some of the most beautiful people I have ever met in my life and I get to share this huge adventure with the one person that means the absolute world to me.

What more could a girl ask for? 

The Wanderers Daughter xx


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