Monday, June 10, 2013

Stay Connected- European Summer Tour

Aiding us on our European tour is the travel group Busabout. Busabout is aimed for young travellers who want to have the benefits of travelling and meeting people there own age but also pride themselves on free style travel. So this is how it works. Doing the 'Hop On Hop Of Tour' we choose a loop of Europe out of the four available, we decided to do the North & South & West loop. The loops are valid from the start of May till the end of October, you can travel around the loop as many times as you like in between those periods. The loops consist of a number of stops in certain countries, some are compulsory stops and other voluntary. The loop runs only in a clockwise direction. You can choose to start and end your loop at any bus stop. The idea is to plan your trip online as you go along. Buses run at certain times every second or third day and you choose how long you wish to stay in each destination. Which is perfect if your having to much fun in one city and don't want to leave or if you meet some people along the way and want to join in on there plans, its as simple as pressing a button. Whats great about bus about also is they suggest a number of safe and clean hostels at every stop, which they are happy to book for you along the way. They also provide information on the buses about each new destination, tours and pub crawls which are all at a discount price. Its truly a great way to explore all that Europe has to offer.

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